Message Chairman of the Board

A party with exclusive features

A few months ago, when the publication of the Herald of the Feiras Novas, which went public in May this year, warned of the need for all to be messengers of our greatest festivals, the Feiras Novas, as heralds that, as in days gone by, "botavam o pregão" for the news ran swift and virtually no one would be oblivious to what was disclosed.

Today there are extremely effective media which, together with renowned publishing methods as extremely functional since it began to implement, spread the news and do get interested, is of prime importance to Internet and so-called social network.

If until now we have spread the news, "botado pregão" widespread the realization of the Feiras Novas, it is now of paramount importance to propagate the program and attract visitors, strangers, estúrdios and revelers, because without them there would certainly be Feiras Novas.

It is they who are the condiments of a party whose characteristics are unique - made by the people and for the people, with a unique and peculiar symbiosis that make Fairs New paradigm and a real case study that deserves thorough investigations to the level academic theses and scientific articles in the areas of ethnography, anthropology, sociology, ie, interdisciplinary studies, especially in the social sciences, not to mention the specific wine tourism values, gastronomy, crafts, unrepeatable way limianas that people relate to the land that saw the birth or welcomed as residents.

While many touted the Feiras Novas, others, very hard and dedication, rolled up their sleeves and have gone to great efforts to lift the whole which is the largest festival in the country, presenting an ambitious program, always guided by the rigor and maintenance of ancestral values that have made this the most traditional festival that takes place in Portuguese territory.

To all the organization to partygoers, not forgetting the heralds, let the public thanks of the Municipality of Ponte de Lima, the Mayor and the Municipal Executive, allowing me to augur the biggest successes for the edition of this year.

As said Father Manuel Gomes Dias, one of the most enthusiastic of our party and also a member of the Feiras Novas Party Commission for many years, "welcome whoever comes for good."

Victor Mendes
Chairman of the Board of Ponte de Lima

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